Our pretzel making process

  1. The dough is mixed then taken onto a cart to the rolling table
  2. The dough is kneaded and cut
  3. The dough is rolled into log-shaped pieces
  4. The dough logs are run through a cutter which scores the dough into individual pieces
  5. The pretzel rollers tear off one piece of dough at a time and roll it to about 12 inches long
  6. In three swift moves, the pretzel rollers twist the dough into the pretzel shape
  7. The formed pretzels are placed onto a wooden board
  8. The board is filled and carried and placed onto a rack
  9. While on the rack, the pretzels are allowed to rise naturally
  10. The pretzels are cooked in a hot soda bath until they rise to the top
  11. Salt is placed on a long-handled board called a peel
  12. Pretzels are placed onto the peel upside down
  13. A full peel is slid into the oven and then dumped so that the pretzels are salt-side up
  14. The pretzels travel circularly through the oven on a soapstone hearth to bake the outside of the pretzel
  15. The pretzels then move into a drying oven to slowly remove the moisture from inside the pretzel
  16. The finished pretzels are packaged into various containers and are ready for delivery

PLEASE NOTE: while you are able to see parts of our production line while shopping in the store, we do not offer tours of the bakery.